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Humboldt Mediation Services

      Humboldt Mediation Services’ Mission is to promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts in our community by using trained volunteers to provide the best possible services in mediation and facilitation as well as education in conflict resolution skills.

     Our Vision is that peaceful conflict management and resolution will be accessible to all members of Humboldt County's diverse communities.

Love & Peas: F & V’s

Quilt for Raffle

by Beverly Prosser

Humboldt Mediation Services is excited

to announce the opportunity to win

this stunning, playful, and colorful quilt,

Love & Peas: F & V’s,

made especially for us

by local quilt crafter Beverly Prosser!


The “Love & Peas” quilt is a tribute to mediation, represented through 1950's housewives surrounded by anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables that likely will put a smile on your face and possibly influence your outlook and eating habits.  Beverly Prosser comes from a long tradition of quilt makers and has been crafting quilts for many years.

The quilt is currently on display at Fabric Temptations in Arcata at 942 G Street, and raffle tickets are available on this website and at Origin Design Lab (621 3rd in Eureka), Fabric Temptations, and Eureka Fabrics (412 2nd in Eureka).  Raffle tickets are $5 each and 4 for $20.


Bev says,

I have lived in Manila for decades.  I enjoy my family, who have too many quilts, my friends, who must critique, PBS, the Blues, grant writing, and quilt- making.  I believe that quilts have their own essence. I especially like reworking old quilt tops (faces), giving them a new life and future.  I'm always excited about reworking your grandma's quilts, that need a little mending  or even a face lift.  


For more information, call Humboldt Mediation at (707) 445-2505 or email casehms@reninet.com.


Wonderful Peace Makers' Ball Prizes

donated by our generous community

Joyce Jonte, Fire & Light, Sun Valley Bulb Farm, Sizzler/Subway, Abraxas Jewelry, Old Town Coffee and Chocolate, Daryl Chinn, Heart Bead, Hot Knots, Barnes Drugs, Global Village, Japhy's , Arcata Pizza & Deli, Chapala Mexican Restaurant, Arcata Exchange, Holly Yashi, Madaket Cruises, Eureka Fabrics, Health Sport, Caravan of Dreams, Almquist Lumber, Arcata Framing, Zen, Marie Callendars, Pierson's Building Center, Coming Attractions Theatres, Jitterbean Coffee, Redwood Yogurt, Demant Designs, Cynthia Ann Noble, Mantova 2 Street Music, Agustus Clark, Artisan Wells, Lori Richeson, Judy Rodriguez, Roz Sheehy, Wildberries Marketplace, The Co-Op, Safeway, Ray's Markets, The Hutch


Who We Are

Established in 1983, Humboldt Mediation Services is a community based, non-governmental, nonprofit organization of trained volunteer Community Mediators.

  • We provide conflict resolution services for disputes of all kinds, including divorce and separation, child custody, family conflict, workplace or business conflict, property conflict, and tenant-landlord conflict.
  • Our Community Board style of mediation encourages communication, collaborative resolution, and win-win solutions as an alternative to costly court cases and ongoing conflicts.
  • We also offer annual Community Mediator Training, Communication and Conflict Management workshops, meeting and focus group facilitation, and custom workshops to the community.

Our goal is to work locally toward global peace by providing community members and organizations with community-based peacemaking tools.


We mediate these types of disputes:

  • Divorces and Separations, including Child Custody / Support / Visitation Agreements
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Housemates / Roommates
  • Conflict with Neighbor(s)
  • Parent / Child
  • Elder Care
  • Property Issues
  • Teacher or School Administrator / Pupil or Parent
  • Seller / Buyer
  • Business Partners, Business / Business, Business / Customer
  • Workplace Conflicts (Employees, Supervisors)

How Can HMS Help You?

Are you faced with conflict or involved in a dispute?

Would you like to find a solution that will let you live in peace?

Call or e-mail our Case Manager.
There’s no cost or obligation for this consultation.

For information about mediation services,  trainings, custom workshops, board membership, or volunteer opportunities fill out our contact form or call us at 707-445-2505.

Mediation Services

HMS practices the Community Boards model of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Community Board mediation is a forum for conflict resolution with a panel of three trained, neutral mediators to guide you through the process.


Above: Three trained volunteers (facing camera) mediate a dispute between two individuals.

HMS trains and certifies all volunteer mediators and new mediators are mentored until they gain enough experience to lead a panel on their own.

Prior to the mediation session(s), two mediators meet privately with each disputant to identify each person's issues and interests in a process called Case Development. The goal is for each person involved to communicate their feelings, wants, and needs so they can write an agreement together solving the conflict.

This can take one session or many sessions; the choice is up to the participants. You own the process!

Mediators are neutral facilitators, clarifiers, ground-rule enforcers, and consultants in the construction of agreements. Mediators never impose solutions on you, makes decisions on your behalf, or make recommendations to courts or other agencies.


Mediation and Facilitation Fees

Mediation sessions are billed per session, regardless of how long each session takes. Fees are determined on a sliding scale based on income or what you can reasonably afford.


If you are unable to pay the fees due to financial hardship, call our Case Manager to discuss your situation. No one is turned away from HMS because of inability to pay mediation fees. 

HMS Goals

  • Establish efficient, simple, confidential forums for resolution of conflict between people in the Humboldt community.
  • Encourage people to deal with problems that they have unhappily tolerated.
  • Allow those in conflict to take responsibility for resolving their disputes before they escalate to irreconcilable situations.
  • Build mutually beneficial and productive relationships with individuals and organizations that promote just and collaborative approaches to shared challenges and concerns.
  • Divert from the courts those cases that are more appropriately handled outside the court system.
  • Train members of the Humboldt Community to serve as mediators.
  • Provide volunteers with opportunities to contribute to the community and the effectiveness of the organization, and to strengthen individual growth in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Upcoming events

29 Apr 2017 8:30 AM • Location to be arranged
  317 Third Street, Suite 8 Eureka, CA 95501

Request for Information

Office Hours

Mondays through Fridays: 10 am - 2 pm


HMS Staff

General Manager : 
Peggy Pryor 




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Donations help us offer low-cost mediation services and trainings to the Humboldt County community.

Please consider donating today to help HMS work locally toward global peace.



HMS Affiliations

Arcata Chamber of Commerce

National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM)

Northern California Association of Nonprofits (NorCAN)

News and Annoucements


"I can't say enough good about the help HMS gave Kinetic Universe in our mediation... And neither side of that table had easy folks to contend with."


     -- Maureen Burke of the Kinetic Universe Board

 "I want to thank you and commend you for the valuable services you provide... [I] was impressed by the professional manner in which our case was handled."

     -- Rosie Thompson

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